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Become a territory sales representative.

Become 10x Better at Selling

Imagine a job where you’re barely on Zoom and not stuck behind a desk. A job with the freedom to be out driving and conducting retail store visits to help build world-class food & beverage brands.  A job that’s the perfect environment in which to master the art of relationship-based selling and merchandising.  At Basemakers, you can develop the sales skills to show up, stand out and break through in every conversation you have. Our mission is to help you unlock your potential to become the most influential version of yourself.

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Our Proven Process


It starts with a careful recruitment process to ensure we select the best people for field sales. It’s been found that two attributes reign supreme for a career in sales: Empathy & Drive.

Training & Coaching

Developing your sales skills through coaching and ride-alongs is an ongoing process at Basemakers. We strive to continually improve your sales knowledge and performance.

The Perfect Store

Our goal is to help build world class brands through our sales ability. We’ve designed a process to optimize sales for our brand partners and your manager will train you on these techniques.

Brand Partner Managers (BPMs)

Our Brand Partner Managers  (BPMs) are the point of contact for all our brand partners and strive to cultivate a relationship of trust and open communication with them. In turn, our BPMs will share with you the latest updates to help equip you with the knowledge you need for your field work.

We’re proud to partner with Feeding America to help reduce hunger across the US. We donate over 100,000 meals per year to families that face food insecurity and we are just getting started!

Why Work at Basemakers?



Feel a sense of freedom as you cruise through the roads in between your store visits. If you have something personal come up, your manager will work with you and be flexible to allow you to switch around your schedule. You are the captain of your own area – own it!



We believe there is no higher purpose than service to others. We help build world class brands through meaningful in-store relationships, and instantly get to see how our work impacts the brand’s success.



Sales and social skills are arguably the most important skill set to master in order to win in life. Basemakers provides resources and training on the art and science of selling so you can work on mastering your craft each and every day.



Feel a sense of belonging with your teammates as they encourage you through our slack channel, with your manager on your 1:1 weekly coaching call, and with your colleagues as you come together for group outings and dinners.


Pursue Excellence

Always strive for greatness in what you do.



Do things the right way and follow your moral compass.



Always have your teammates back.



The powerful tool we aim to master that helps get things done and builds connection and belonging amongst us all.



Never give up, even when the cards are stacked against you.