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What We Did

Out of Stock Management
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Hu Kitchen is a premium paleo chocolate and snack company based out of New York.

The Challenge

After a successful launch into Whole Foods, the company was having issues with out-of-stocks and missing opportunities to drive extra sales through displays because they didn’t have enough time to hire and train dozens of sales professionals.

The Solution

Hu Kitchen came to Basemakers with the clear goal of optimizing their presence in stores and minimizing out-of-stocks. We ended up beating expectations and landing a multi-year partnership across multiple chains and states. In the first few years we drove over 10,000 cases prompted, with 7,000 cases in displays.


Voids Filled


Clip Strips Secured


Cases Landed For Displays

It’s simple. You can have the best product in the world and the best packaging in the world – but if your shelf stock is sporadic and your product looks sloppy, you’re not maximizing your potential for your loyal fans. Basemakers is a rockstar merchandiser – they go above and beyond as stewards of our brand in the field.

Jordan Brown, Hu Co-Founder

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